Today September 22, 2021

Hidden Details in Hamilton

Hamilton has some hidden details that blow us all away, and in this list, we’ll look at some other interesting tidbits that you’ll see when you watch the show (or can if you don’t just listen to the soundtrack). This countdown includes all cast and crew photos as well as a list of our favorite moments from the production.

Number Coincidences

There are a number of songs that are played by certain characters, and these numbers play a big part in the show. Philip, who was born “Dear Theodosia” survived all 19 songs before she died in “Stay Alive,” which Philip recounts when he died at 19, so there’s a good chance he played some of the numbers in that song.

Hamilton, also 19, died 28 years later at the age of 47, and the musical follows the pattern of Alexander Hamilton himself. Talk about hidden details in Hamilton…

They Think Me Macbeth…

But ambition was Hamilton’s folly, and perhaps the biggest mistake of all was pronouncing the character’s name. Scottish play, which is why it is often referred to by actors and crew as a “Scottish play,” but there is no doubt that the name Macbeth is bad luck in this production. Over the years, it has been said that this curse only applies to games whose names are mentioned, but it is a fair game.

Interestingly, life begins and ends for Alexander Hamilton, who mentions, albeit very voluntarily, the name of a tragic Shakespearean character. The next song, however, is about the death of Hamilton’s wife and the birth of his son, and when he loses both his career and his healthy marriage, things fall apart.

Set Design

The set design in Hamilton is one of the biggest aspects and while we may not have gotten as much attention on it, there is no doubt that we are all aware of how subtly the set changes over the course of the series.

The framework and background of the law point to the construction of a new country and at the beginning we see ropes and harnesses hanging from the stairs, which indicate that Hamilton came on an immigrant boat. In the second act, we see more and more stones being laid on the stage and the stage set, which indicates a very real construction process that continues and becomes more complete with the work of the characters.

The Direction of the Turntable

In a Washington Post interview, Korins said the election was inspired by the whirlwind of history that swept through Hamilton, from the hurricane that hit his birthplace to the presidential election and the fact that they revolve around each other’s lives and careers. Speaking of the set, there’s definitely a lot of symbolism in the set, not just for the characters, but it also has a deeper meaning.

The show’s choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler said on SiriusXM’s Town Hall in 2016: ‘When you defy fate, the action on stage goes clockwise, and that means something, even in what direction you’re going. The direction is reversed, too, when Hamilton dies and the song “Satisfied” shows how time rewinds.

We spend a lot of time getting the characters right on stage, adding layers of storytelling and props also deserve a hat. I’m going to stop sooner, but I’m sure we’ll have to wait and see because it’s so much fun.

The Letters

If you stay alive, you can see it in action: Eliza writes her letter to her husband, and the fire goes out so that she is on stage in complete darkness until the end of the combustion. Prop master Jay Duckworth reaches for his right hand, goes through various paperweights and sizes, and burns an italics copy of this historic letter in exactly two minutes and nine seconds.


There are some hidden details in Hamilton on Broadway that blow us all away, and in this list, we’ll look at some other interesting tidbits that you’ll see when you watch the show (or can if you don’t just listen to the soundtrack).

Hamilton is considered child-friendly!

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