Today September 22, 2021

Is Broadway Returning in 2021?

New York had just turned on its lights again, and suddenly hundreds of thousands of people were in Times Square. Charlotte St. Martin is the executive director of Broadway League, the national association of Broadway industry representatives representing more than 2,000 producers, actors, directors, writers, and actors. She sits on the league’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee and serves on the board of directors. Here’s her opinion on how will be Broadway returning in 2021.

Charlotte St. Martin has her say

I think the locals will come first and only go to the theatre once a year, maybe two or three times, and that’s it. And then we come back to make up for the lack of tourists we had in the first six months. We depend on tourism, on planes and on people, but God, we take New York City for granted.

What has led to the revival of 42nd Street and Broadway as a whole, and what could be in the show this summer? I would be very surprised if I wasn’t the first person to see the Disney series, but I think this show will be the one you’d expect.

A New Era

I would be surprised if it didn’t also lead us into a new era, but I’m also very excited about the future of the show, and I’m surprised.

I imagine it would be full and my dream would be the opening, but I imagine the governor would go to at least three or four shows and greet people. I’m not sure what to do. M: You are all from the same country, not just New York and New Jersey.

The other thing that has logistically added is that 35 or 30 shows never happen at the same time and many of the shows all had the same directors, choreographers and costume designers. If you look at how long we’ve been out there, there have been a lot of new performers, so when Governor Cuomo rolls up in his rolling restaurant, we can wait two weeks and see if there’s an incident or an upset. I believe that commercial theatres should not try to reopen until they get to the point where they can sell tickets. These shows run weekly and are expensive because they have to be put together to get back on their feet, but putting them together every week can’t be expensive.

The Return

I think late summer 2021 is a possibility but we will probably try to hit the Christmas sales and seat capacity is very important for us.

We will have to put on toilets, limit breaks and some things that will be difficult to deal with. When there are people lying on top of each other And it’s okay for them, , then we will wait a little bit.

We do not yet know what percentage of the population needs to be vaccinated in order to return to normal, in quotation marks. We hear other figures from the health authorities and then someone else tells us 96%, but we don’t hear another figure. There is a big difference that our national leaders can make when it comes to obtaining scientific – based information, evidence – based information.

Is Broadway returning in 2021? We should see! What were the top shows in 2020?