Today September 22, 2021

When it comes to Broadway shows, we tend to remember and admire the original cast, but changing cast members is critical to the longevity of a show. Finally, there are those who take the torch in their hands and fill the big shoes, and it is the so-called “original casting” that achieves the effect and […]

The show is not booked for long, but the original performances on Broadway are the most significant, especially when a show is on the line and not just any show. 

True music fans have probably already memorized the soundtracks and shields, but on the journey to the musical, it becomes clear that you put your heart and soul into the work and also let yourself be inspired by that outside of music. In this list, we will look at the albums that should be on […]

You may have seen Hamilton, but perhaps it is time to return to what is perfectly understandable and see something else. There is no other option but to tick the box somehow, and there is another option, somehow, a box. Behold – Spamilton! Debut American Parody runs May 27-June 4 at the New York Theatre […]

The Broadway musical “Hamilton” has been sold out since the end of time, and perhaps the most famous musical number is “The Color Purple,” which I proudly call my proudest project. The costumes for Hamilton are iconic too, but the costumes I designed for the height of Memphis’ Hamilton are iconic. When I first got […]

We just can’t get enough of our favorite bastard, orphan, son of a w*ore, and a Scotsman! Here’s another portion of facts on Hamilton! The first portion of HamilFacts: The Reynolds pamphlet Five or six years after the affair ended, Hamilton found himself cornered and decided to make a lengthy confession in the Reynolds pamphlet. […]

Lin – Manuel Miranda’s 2016 hit is the most-searched-for play on Broadway – and there are few tickets left. It premiered four years ago, but is still one of the best-selling musicals of all time, with an average ticket price of $60, according to the New York Times.¬†Here are some of the best Hamilton parodies! […]

In this list, we’ll look at some of the Hamilton facts that the show did right and wrong, and explain which storylines were true and which were wrong in the musical Hamilton. Here are some Hamilton Facts!