Today September 22, 2021

Romantic Dramas on Broadway

Broadway is a place of drama and love, and most of the time they go side by side. Here are a couple of great examples of romantic dramas on Broadway!

Mean Girls

Cady falls in love with local Prince Charming, Aaron, and they even start playing silly (if that helps with math). Still, it’s always good to have the spirit on your side And you can’t be too lucky to survive high school without a great love story.

Aaron falls in love with his best friend and classmate Cady, and they bond over their love for each other and their shared love of music.

Cady takes wings as part of the sculpture and topples Regina as the leader, but then the decline of Cady and Regina begins. What follows is a series of events, from Regina, dropping the Burn Book, to the death of Aaron’s best friend, to her own death.

This causes a lot of chaos at the school, Cady is suspended for three weeks and Mrs. Norbury even gets into trouble.

To make the injury worse, Regina is hit by a bus, but don’t worry, she survives and returns to school the next day. While most of the insults at this point are directed at Cady, she reassesses the situation and takes the blame for the book burning.

Win some, lose some?

In the rearing of the queen bee, Damian and Janis lose them and even start to fight with Aaron. They confront Regina, have an emotional conversation and Aaron and Cady sneak into Spring Fling where they kiss.

Cady wins the Spring Fling Queen but destroys the crown because it is fake and plastic, but not before kissing Aaron and kissing her.

However, Satine believes her love is jeopardizing the show as tensions grow between the Duke and her. He secretly suffers from tuberculosis and is known as a jealous and insidious lover, but his condition deteriorates and he dies.

Moulin Rouge!

Christian tries to save her, only to hear that she no longer loves him and only saves him from the Duke of Monroth. Tensions grow when Duke and Christian discover that the play they are preparing is a fake version of Satine’s love letter to her husband. Christian starts drinking excessively, while the man threatens to have her kill him if she continues to love him. When Christina realizes the meaning of life without Satine, she decides to load a pistol with real bullets, shoot the deer – and end life in the pistol.

Satine is saved by singing her secret song, which shows her love for him, and he saves her from the Duke of Monroth and his army of assassins.


The romantic dramas on Broadway are a vital part of Broadway and, frankly, we all enjoy them. Those who deny it – are liars!

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