Today September 22, 2021

Saddest Songs on Broadway

You can’t have a love story without a few tears, so I’ll be watching some of the saddest Broadway love songs on this list. As we will be discussing the plot of each musical, spoiler alerts are in place. Here are the saddest songs on Broadway!

I’m Not That Girl

Girls will resonate with anyone who has ever liked a person who seems unreachable, and this song captures the feelings of T. Green’s envy. Elphaba hides her feelings when she remembers that the person she could most easily develop is her friend Galinda. I’m not sure what to do. I’m not sure you’ve ever woken up from a dream and suddenly realised you can’t have what you want most, but I have.

While Fiyero finally reciprocates Elphaba’s love, the romance only comes when Galinda realizes she is not a girl. This song will melt your heart, and just as the audience sheds tears, it starts to rain on them. But the water did not melt, as legend would have us believe, but it rained and rained.

Mr. Cellophane

This love song seems to be one of the most romantic songs in the history of musical theatre, but it is also the saddest.

The song seems optimistic, but if you get to the root of the problem, it’s about a gentle man who has to feel something for everyone around him. He is motivated to leave his wife when he realizes that he is not the father of their non-existent child. While the song is playing, the dedicated Amos learns that his imprisoned wife Roxie is using it as a means of escape from her abusive husband. In the end, Amos is barely noticed, for not even his own wife pays him any attention.

There’s a Fine, Fine Line

All he wants is for fundamental human dignity to be respected and shown, and that’s it. Avenue Q becomes surprisingly sentimental towards the end of Act I, but you wouldn’t expect a musical about a foul-mouthed puppet to set the mood.

If I Can’t Love Her

Kate’s relationship with Princeton is real, a waste of time, but Princeton still wants to be friends and not console her. Overwhelmed, Princeton and Kate the Monster say Princeton should perhaps hit the brakes, and then they realize they are on different sides.

Kate may make you feel, but the mixed signals she’s been receiving couldn’t be more human. This is a unique love song, because Belle and Beast have not fallen in love yet. In fact, the animal virtually destroys any chance Belle has of scaring her away, and she wonders if she could ever love a monster or an animal. Beast is overwhelmed with remorse, so he shouts: “I’m so sorry, Belle, I love you so much.

When you think of “The Phantom of the Opera,” “Can’t Love” is a haunting lament that also contains a tragic figure: the Beast. The animal can find humanity if it truly loves, but its appearance is still a human being seeking love, forgiveness and a reason to live.


The Helpless tells the story of a historic romance when Alexander Hamilton meets Eliza Schuyler for the first time and the two connect through their love for each other.

Turning the clock back to the stage, we return to a night when Alexander meets Eliza, who attends the ball with her sister Angelica. This heady love ballad is immediately followed by another song, which makes the previous song appear in a different light. We see that she is not only taken with Alexander, but also takes herself out of the equation. She is forced to hold her tongue as she toasts the happy couple, knowing she will never be satisfied.

Losing My Mind

Love and heartache are actually on different sides of the same coin, but in this case they are on the other side of that coin.

Sally is almost 50 years old, but as night falls, we understand how empty her days are. She is trapped in the past, chasing a man she will never have, and with it her future.

While Sally is married to Buddy, it is Ben who consumes all her thoughts and she is obsessed with him until she starts to question her own sanity and clings to a relationship that has accompanied her all the time. This number lights the torch for a torch song and ignites Sally’s heart with fiery feelings of unrequited love.


Musical theater always manages to find a way to touch your emotions. The saddest songs on Broadway carry a notion that is familiar to all of us.

Strong women can also be sad!