Today September 22, 2021

The Best Musical Numbers in Hamilton

Hamilton is one of the best things on Broadway, hands down! Lin-Manuel Miranda has given us two hours of amazing music. But which do you think are the best musical numbers in Hamilton?

The Election of 1800

At the height of Burr and Hamilton’s political careers, this song is funny, instructive, and incredibly important to both characters. The song contains critical comments on the political situation, while we hear citizens debate which candidate seems to drink more beer, has better political leadership skills, or a beer-less attitude. These contradictory ideas come to the fore when they duel soon after when Hamilton argues that he has better “political leadership skills” than his rival Burr. I think Hugh owes this wonderful catchphrase to his performance as Burr in the original Broadway production of Hamilton.

What’d I Miss

Thomas Jefferson’s introduction to the stage is a great time, and the shifting bass line in the background helps us set off on a journey to find out exactly where Jefferson was throughout the Revolution.

Daveed Diggs, the original actor, does a phenomenal job as Jefferson, lending him a magnetic, electrifying personality that made me not turn my eyes away. The tension between Hamilton and Jefferson builds as he cuts through his song, and as the introduction continues, this could easily be the best thing about the whole damn musical. Welcome home, Mr. Jefferson: Welcome home, but not for long, at least not until the end of the song.

Say No To This

When the irresistible Maria Reynolds catches him alone, he gets into a fiery affair that will destroy his political career. The song has a seductive, sinister vibe, and the sex and intrigue of Reynolds and Reynolds, along with Hamilton, pull you into it. When the whole chorus calls, what can you say, do you think you are listening?

One Last Time

George Washington’s decision to resign is important because it introduced the idea of a peaceful transfer of power into American history. As Washington and Hamilton read out a farewell address together, the audience is moved and compelled to look at a just and fair leader who is trying to do the right thing, and Miranda asks us to “look for a world in which political leaders are not doing the right thing because they are right, but because it is politically opportune. The idea that a character should resign to set a precedent that all future presidents would follow is masterfully executed, making it an important song. This is a haunting ode to America’s first president, and his emotional farewell is one of the most memorable moments in the entire show, as well as an unforgettable moment in Hamilton’s life.


Act 1 of Hamilton is an explosive, revolutionary ride, and its ending deserves to end with an equally explosive number that is truly nonstop in every sense. The epic finale of this act is simply incredible, with a series of amazing performances from the cast and crew, as well as the best music of the entire show.

It perfectly sums up the core themes of the show and explains what happens when Alexander dies, and it’s a song that you can rediscover with every listen.


The most touching part comes when Eliza announces what she is most proud of, and if that doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, nothing will happen. s bastard orphan, she helps care for hundreds of orphans through her work in the orphanage and her love for her family.


A true masterpiece! Hamilton is a blockbuster, but who do you think are best musical numbers in Hamilton?

Hamilton has many hidden details! Have you spotted them?