Today September 22, 2021

What’s a Spamilton?

You may have seen Hamilton, but perhaps it is time to return to what is perfectly understandable and see something else. There is no other option but to tick the box somehow, and there is another option, somehow, a box. Behold – Spamilton!


American Parody runs May 27-June 4 at the New York Theatre Company’s Broadway Theatre. Tickets are $59.99 and are available at all ticket offices, as well as online at and on the Broadway Theater Web site. 

American Parody is a musical parody of the Broadway show Hamilton, and the musical has been a success. The Hamilton parody was created by Gerard Alessandrini, who is also the mastermind behind Forbidden Broadway, as well as a number of other musical parodies. 

Hamilton has been transferred to the Rodgers & Hammerstein Theatre on June 2, 2017, where he will perform until June 30, 2018. Spamilton’s Chicago production opened at the Chicago Opera House of the Chicago Theatre Company on July 1, 2016. The production will open at Chicago’s Wrigley Field on August 3, 2019, with a limited run of 30 performances. 


Written by Gerard Alessandrini, the mastermind behind Forbidden Broadway, Spamilton has also parodied several other musicals, including Broadway shows such as La La Land, Cabaret, and the original Broadway version of Hamilton, as well as a number of films. 

Alessandrini, who directed the show, has had a long and successful career directing shows in London, having staged shows at the Royal Albert Hall, the West End, and the London Academy of Music and Drama. It opened at the New York Theatre Company’s Broadway Theatre on April 27, 2017, and was originally scheduled for 18 performances, but was expanded to 24 performances on May 28, 2017. 


Spamilton received positive reviews from critics for his performance as Hamilton in the off-Broadway production of Hamilton. Marilyn Stasio wrote in Variety: ‘His pants are tight, his bosom is sublime, and his underpants show just enough of his chest to look manly. 

Miranda praised the parody, saying: ‘I laugh my brain out of my head, and not just because of the ridiculousness of it all. Celebrities including Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, and Beyoncé attended the screening. 

List Of Songs

  • Lin-Manuel as Hamilton
  • Aaron Burr, Sir, Nervous-er”
  • “His Shot”
  • “Look Around (The Schuyler Puppets)”
  • “Lin-Manuel’s Quest”
  • “Ticket Beggar Woman”
  • “Straight Guy’s Winter’s Prom”
  • “Straight is Back”
  • “What Did You Miss?”
  • Ben Franklin, Sondheim & Lin-Manuel”
  • Daveed Diggs – The Fresh Prince of Big Hair”
  • “Rap Battle”
  • “Ticket Beggar Woman #2”
  • Liza‘s ‘Down With Rap'”
  • “Ticket Beggar Woman #3”
  • “One Big Song” (Written for Los Angeles Production)
  • “In the Hype”
  • “Lin-Manuel & J-Lo, Beyoncé & Gloria Estefan
  • “Book of No More Mormons”
  • “Broadway Assassins”
  • “Cool Duel”
  • “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Cries”
  • “Lin-Manuel’s New York City
  • “The Film When It Happens”
  • “Finale: Raise a Glass to Broadway”
  • “Encore: Our Shot”

We do love Hamilton and the HamilFacts!